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Mobile Apps &  Websites

Group  Buying  Platform

GreenStar Hub has the technologies that will help individuals, homeowners, businesses, institutions, and governments become greener while saving them money on efficiencies and improve investment return ROI based on our proprietary algorithms.GSH gives your business visibility online, connect your business to opportunities and help you save on your purchases and connect you to incentives.



GSH provide mobile and web services for e-procurement, community buying, content management, and smart city enabling technologies. GSH green resources include databases for certifications and standards, tenders, policies, and building materials. Android and IOS Apple versions are currently available.

Contact us to discuss opportunities to leverage GSH’s technologies and resources to meet specific goals.  Our API’s can be used to launch custom applications.



Business matchmaking platform for public and private groups to leverage its members (buyers) with aggregated purchasing power, while increasing sales for sponsors and vendors (sellers). Community buying will help vendors sell more building materials, transportation solutions, solar, and energy efficiency services to a wide range of clients.





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